Japan Airlines Interline Agreement

Japan Airlines Interline Agreement: Connecting Passengers and Airline Networks

Japan Airlines, also known as JAL, is one of the major airlines in Japan that operates both domestic and international flights. To provide its passengers with seamless travel experiences and access to a wider range of destinations, JAL has established interline agreements with other airlines around the world. In this article, we will discuss what interline agreements are, the benefits they offer to passengers and airlines, and the interline agreements JAL has with other carriers.

What Is an Interline Agreement?

An interline agreement is a commercial agreement between two or more airlines that allows them to sell and issue tickets on each other`s flights. This means that passengers can book a complete journey with one airline, even if part of the journey is operated by another airline. For example, if you were flying from New York to Tokyo with JAL but needed to take a domestic flight in Japan with a different airline, an interline agreement would allow you to book both flights on the JAL website and receive one ticket for the entire journey.

Benefits of Interline Agreements

Interline agreements bring several benefits to both airlines and passengers. For airlines, interlining allows them to expand their networks without having to operate flights to all destinations themselves. By partnering with other airlines, they can offer their customers more travel options and reach destinations that they previously did not serve. Additionally, interlining can reduce costs by sharing resources such as check-in counters, baggage handling, and other airport services.

For passengers, interlining provides the convenience of booking and checking in for multiple flights with one airline. This means they only need to go through the check-in process once and can have their baggage checked through to their final destination. Interlining also allows passengers to have more travel options and access to more destinations, as they can book flights with airlines that they may not have considered without an interline agreement.

JAL`s Interline Agreements

JAL has established interline agreements with nearly 100 airlines around the world, including major airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Emirates. This extensive network allows JAL passengers to connect to destinations in North America, Europe, Australia, and other regions through JAL`s hub airports in Tokyo and Osaka.

JAL`s interline agreements also include codeshare partnerships with several airlines. Codesharing is a more advanced form of interlining, where airlines share flights and operate them under their own flight numbers. This means that passengers can book flights on JAL`s website or through its sales offices, even if the flights are operated by codeshare partners. JAL`s major codeshare partners include American Airlines, British Airways, and Finnair.


Interline agreements are an important part of the airline industry that allow passengers to have more travel options and airlines to expand their networks. JAL`s extensive interline agreements and codeshare partnerships offer its passengers access to a wide range of destinations around the world, with the convenience of booking and checking in for multiple flights with one airline. As JAL continues to expand its network and partnership with other airlines, passengers can expect even more travel options and seamless connections in the future.